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OpenLocker Announces Development of NFT Platform for College Athletes to Benefit from New NIL Policy and Engage with Fans

Red Bank, NJ Sept 7, 2021 – OpenLocker Inc. is a startup that is developing a user-friendly platform for college athletes to monetize their Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) and engage with fans through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

The NCAA policy change that went into effect on July 1, 2021 has created opportunities for college athletes to profit from their NIL while the popularity of NFT digital collectibles for sports fans has increased exponentially in the past year. OpenLocker seeks to position itself at the intersection of this digital innovation and the evolution of college athletics with its proprietary NFT platform.

OpenLocker has received verbal commitments from men’s and women’s athletes representing teams from both Power Five and mid to low-major conferences. In addition, the company is currently in negotiations with several universities and businesses interested in co-licensing agreements as demand grows for more immersive communities in which fans and athletes can interact.

“We have entered a new era in college sports and the NIL business activity we have seen to date is just the tip of the iceberg,” said Brian Klatsky, Founder of OpenLocker. Mr. Klatsky brings decades of experience in financial markets, electronic trading and sports to this new venture. “The model we are creating is unlike anything that would have been possible just a few months ago. It will be designed to empower college athletes to earn financial rewards for their hard work and contribution to the business of college sports.”

OpenLocker consists of a team of world class digital artists, blockchain technology experts and college sports community members that is developing a simple process for navigating the complicated endeavor of creating, promoting and selling unique digital assets. Kemah Washington, the Chief Creative Officer said, “We look forward to working with individuals to help strategically market their digital trading cards and effectively enhance the value of their NIL.” Minting strategies will include the release of individual athletes as well as groups of athletes with a shared fan base.

OpenLocker expects to unveil its own blockchain platform and start releasing NFTs in Q4 2021.

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About OpenLocker, Inc.
OpenLocker is a technology startup that is developing a user-friendly platform for college athletes to monetize their NIL and engage with fans through NFTs. Through the development of a proprietary blockchain, OpenLocker seeks to position itself at the intersection of digital innovation through NFTs and college athletes.

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