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OpenLocker (“OpenLocker,” “we,” or “us”) is dedicated to safeguarding your personal information. We’ve created this Privacy Policy to explain our practices for collecting, using, and disclosing Personal Information (as described below).

We care about your privacy, so please take the time to read about and appreciate our policies and practices. Please be aware that we reserve the right to amend some of our policies and practices at any time, but the most updated version of this Privacy Policy can still be found on this page.

Personal Information We Collect

As used herein, “Personal Information” refers to data that specifically or indirectly identifies or is reasonably capable of identifying an individual, as well as data that can be linked to a known or reasonably identifiable individual.

1. Personal Information we could collect from you

  • Directly from you, we can collect the following categories of Personal Information.
  • Personal information, such as a person’s name, email address, phone number, and mailing address.
  • Trading, order activity, deposits, withdrawals, and account balances are examples of commercial activity.
  • Communications, including details you give in correspondence, such as account opening and customer service; in addition.
  • Sensory Information, such as images that you upload to your User Profile.

2. Personal Information we collect automatically

  • Through your use of our services, we can automatically collect the following categories of Personal Information.
  • Internet identifiers like IP addresses and domain names.
  • Usage Data, such as system operation, internal and external information related to OpenLocker sites that you visit, and clickstream information.
  • Device Information, such as hardware, operating system, and browser; in addition.
  • Data on geolocation Cookies, which are listed in greater detail below, can be used to collect Personal Information automatically.

3. Personal Information we could collect from third parties

Third-party sources can be used to obtain and/or validate the following types of Personal Information about you:

  • Personal information, such as a person’s name, email address, phone number, and mailing address.
  • Transaction data, such as public blockchain data (bitcoin, ether, and other Digital Assets), isn’t fully private
    Since Personal Information published on a blockchain (such as your Digital Asset address and IP address) may be compared with Personal Information that we and others may have, we and others who can match your public Digital Asset address to other Personal Information about you may be able to identify you from a blockchain transaction. Furthermore, it may be possible to classify others.
  • Personal Information about you by using data mining techniques on a given blockchain).
  • Financial Information, such as bank account information, routing number, credit card number, debit card number.
  • Additional Information, at our discretion, to comply with legal obligations.

4. Accuracy and retention of Personal Information

We take fair and practical steps to ensure that your Personal Information is reliable for the purposes for which it is to be used, and (ii) not retained for longer than is required for the fulfillment of that purpose.

5. How We Use Your Personal Information

We collect Personal Information about you in order to give you the best possible experience, protect you from the risks of inappropriate use and fraud, and to help us retain and develop our Services. We can use your Personal Information in the following ways:

  • Provide our services to you. In accordance with our Terms of Use, we use your Personal Information to provide you with our Services. Comply with all relevant laws and regulations. Your Personal Information is processed in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
  • Identification and prevention of fraud We use your Personal Information to identify and prevent account fraud, which is particularly important during the holiday season.
  • Ensure the protection and security of our facilities. To keep your account and the OpenLocker platform safe, we use your Personal Information, which includes information about your computer and your behavior on OpenLocker.
  • Assist you with customer service. When you contact our support team with questions or concerns about your account, we process your Personal Information.
  • Promote our goods. We may contact you to provide you with information about our products and services. Only with your permission, which you may revoke at any time, will we do so.
  • Other commercial uses If the intent is revealed to you before we collect the information or if you agree, we can use your Personal Information for additional purposes.

6. How We Share Your Personal Information

Except as mentioned below, we will not share your Personal Information with third parties.

1. Providers of services. For business or commercial purposes, such as fraud detection and prevention, security threat detection, payment processing, customer care, data analytics, information technology, advertisement and marketing, we can share your Personal Information with third-party service providers. We only share your Personal Information with these service providers so that they can deliver the services to us, and we don’t authorize them to use or reveal your Personal Information for any other purpose.

a) The law enforcement community. Law enforcement, government officials, and regulators may be asked to share your Personal Details with us.
b) Business Transactions. In the event of a proposed or completed merger, takeover, reorganization, asset sale, or similar corporate transaction, or in the event of bankruptcy or dissolution, we may disclose Personal Details.
c) Expert Consultants. For the purposes of audits or to comply with our legal obligations, we may share your Personal Information with our professional advisors, such as legal, accounting, or other consulting services.
d) Obtaining consent. With your permission, we will share your Personal Information.

If we decide to change the reason for which we collect and use your Personal Information, we will make the necessary changes.


When you visit OpenLocker, we may use the common practice of putting small data files known as cookies, flash cookies, pixel tags, or other tracking tools (herein, “Cookies”) on your computer or other devices. We use cookies to identify you as a customer, collect information about your use of OpenLocker so that we can better tailor our services and content to you, and collect information about your computer or other access devices so that we can: I ensure that your account protection has not been compromised by detecting unusual, suspicious, or potentially fraudulent account activities; and (ii) evaluate and enhance our services and content.

Please be aware that if you disable cookies, you will be unable to access parts or all ofOpenLockere.

Direct Marketing

We can submit direct marketing materials promoting services, products, facilities, or activities to you from time to time, subject to relevant laws and regulations, using information collected from or about you. You may also unsubscribe from these messages by following the instructions included in every marketing message. It is our policy not to share your personal information with third parties.

Information Security

There is no such thing as foolproof protection, and the Internet is an unreliable medium. We can’t guarantee complete protection, but we do our best to keep OpenLocker and you safe from unauthorized access to, or modification, disclosure, or destruction of the Personal Information we collect and store. We take measures such as SSL encryption of OpenLocker website communications; optional two-factor authentication; periodic examination of our Personal Information collection, storage, and processing practices; and need-to-know access to your Personal Information for our staff, contractors, and agents who are bound by strict contractual confidentiality obligations.

Lawful bases for processing

On one or more of the following legal bases, we process personal data subject to GDPR:

  • Legal Obligation: to perform anti-fraud activities as well as to meet our retention and other legal obligations.
  • Contractual Obligation: to fulfill our obligations to you under our Terms of Use, which include providing you with our Services and customer support services, as well as optimizing and improving OpenLocker.
  • Legitimate Interest: to monitor how OpenLocker is being used, to run automated and manual security checks on our services, and to protect our rights.
  • Permission: to promote OpenLocker and our services. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any moment, with no effect on the lawfulness of processing based on your consent prior to withdrawal.

European privacy rights

Under GDPR, European residents have the following rights in relation to their personal data, subject to certain exceptions set out in the law:

  • Access and rectification rights, you have the right to request the OpenLocker reveal the personal data we hold about you and correct any inaccuracies.
  • The Right to Be Forgotten. You have the right to order your OpenLocker to delete your personal details.
  • Right to Data Processing Limits. In such conditions, you have the right to limit or object to our processing of your personal data.
  • Data portability is a legal right. You have the right to receive and transmit the personal information you have given to us in an electronic format.

Please contact us using the methods mentioned at the bottom of this Privacy Policy to make a request to exercise these rights. When dealing with requests to exercise European privacy rights, we verify the requesting party’s identity to ensure that he or she is the legal entity authorized to make such a request. Although we try to respond to these requests for free, if your request is too repetitive or onerous, we reserve the right to charge you a fair fee to comply with your request.

Collection and transfer of data outside the EEA

  • Many of OpenLocker’s systems are located in cayman islands. As a consequence, under the following conditions, we can move personal data from Europe to third countries outside of Europe, including cayman islands:An obligation arising from a contract. Where transfers are required to fulfill our obligations to you under our Terms of Use, such as providing you with our Services and customer service.
  • Consent: you have given your permission for your personal data to be transferred to a third country.

You have the right to withdraw your consent to transfers to a third country if your consent is dependent on your consent. Please be aware, however, that if we are unable to transmit personal data to third countries, our services can be unavailable.

When we move personal data to third countries, we make every effort to ensure that appropriate protections are in place, such as using standard contractual clauses or obtaining Privacy-Shield certification.

Automated decision-making

We may engage in automated decision-making for purposes of fraud detection and prevention.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or complaints about this policy or how we treat your personal details, please contact us at