Red Bank, NJ  January 26, 2022 –  OpenLocker, Inc, a startup company that has developed a fan friendly blockchain platform to connect with athletes, will release a collection of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) featuring the Name, Images and Likeness (NIL) of University of Connecticut men’s basketball players. This limited edition series of digital collectibles will allow students, fans and alumni to join the Bone Yard Huskyz Club (BYHC), an exclusive community for their fans. 

NFT holders will receive a randomly generated and authenticated BYHC avatar with a unique combination of traits. Once claimed by a fan, the NFT functions as a digital key for club membership and may be used as a social media profile pic (PFP).  The BYHC NFTs will grant access to an exclusive Discord channel and other platforms to dialogue with current athletes, celebrity alumni and sports analysts. BYHC members will also receive invitations to VIP events, rewards and early access to future drops with additional athletes from other teams at the University of Connecticut.  

To fulfill its mission of putting the athlete first in this new era of NIL, OpenLocker will pay athletes a majority of the proceeds from sales of their NFTs as well as royalties from trading activity on its secondary marketplace. As an added benefit, each athlete and the individual who holds the athlete’s 1-of-1 NFT will receive a bonus BYHC avatar NFT in the athlete’s likeness. An athlete may choose to keep his personalized digital asset or sell it on the secondary marketplace.  

“We are excited that all eligible members of the men’s basketball team have signed individual licensing agreements with OpenLocker to engage with fans through this project,” said Brian Klatsky, founder of OpenLocker. “Building a community around their digital collectibles allows athletes to maximize their NIL earnings while at the same time provide fans with enhanced engagement with their players and teams .”   

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About OpenLocker, Inc.

OpenLocker is a technology startup that is developing a user-friendly NFT platform for athletes to monetize their fan engagement with innovative digital collectibles. Operating on the Flow blockchain allows the platform to be environmentally friendly and offer a fan ready experience.