For Athletes

Become a Game Changer

OpenLocker empowers you to monetize your NIL with our innovative blockchain technology and personalized service that makes minting custom NFTs easy.

Score More with OpenLocker
Score More 
Our technology, licensing and marketing teams help engage fans & NFT collectors to maximize your potential earnings. 
Getting Paid is Easy with OpenLocker
Getting Paid is Easy
OpenLocker is committed to paying athletes a majority of the proceeds from sales of your NFTs. The OpenLocker Athlete Portal allows you to monitor the creation, minting and drop along with real-time payment information.
Everybody Wins with OpenLocker!
Everybody Wins
OpenLocker is committed to working with male and female athletes in all NCAA sports at any school in the country. Each athlete is assigned a LockerRoom Attendant to create a game plan and walk you through all the steps to success.